Lingjing Kong

Non Photorealistic Image Rendering

Realized a water-color like rendered image. Combined texture mapping with lighting to generate an overall look of a wash-like texture.
We are trying to produce water-color like rendered images.  One of the important ingredients to do so is to produce the right texture.  The goal in this work is not to mimic all kinds of individual paint brush strokes rather to have an overall look of a wash-like texture.
In our project,we need to generate cloud-like noise for the texture part.Perlin noise is a type of gradient noise,which is widely used in computer graphics.  By synthesizing perlin noise with different frequencies and amplitudes we can generate more natural appearing phenomenon like cloud, fire or marble.
   Technical Statements:
  •  Defined and implemented basic object classes of vector, light,  color and camera 
  •  Realized the Perlin Noise by adding noise with different  frequencies and amplitudes in 2D screen space
  •  Generated the cloud like texture using Perlin Noise smoothing and  sharpening        
  •  Applied Line Integral Convolution on Perlin Noise to generate  wash-like texture